2nd MICROCARD Workshop on 6 and 7 July 2022

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On the 6th and 7th of July 2022 our second workshop will take place. If the pandemic situation permits, this will be the first on-site meeting of our project. It is planned to take place in the amphitheatre of the Liryc institute in Pessac, near Bordeaux. If necessary the meeting will go online, but the dates will not change.

transport and accomodation info

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preliminary program

  Welcome, introduction, and state of the project [Mark Potse, coordinator]
  Porting the openCARP framework to modern accelerators leveraging Ginkgo's GPU capabilities [Fritz Göbel]
  Expansion of the openCARP DevOps toolchain for easier development, maintenance and usage [Marie Houillon]
  Parallel nonlinear solvers for implicit time discretizations in cardiac electrophysiology [Ngoc Mai Monica Huynh, Nicolás A. Barnafi, Luca Pavarino, and Simone Scacchi]
  A scalable BDDC preconditioner for the cardiac cell-by-cell model with a hybrid discontinuous Galerkin discretization [Luca Pavarino, Simone Scacchi, Ngoc Mai Monica Huynh, Fatemeh Chegini, and Martin Weiser]
  Boundary element and explicit stabilized methods for the cell-by-cell model in electrophysiology [Giacomo Rosilho de Souza, Simone Pezzuto, Rolf Krause]
  Data layout transformation and vectorization of ionic models [Arun Thangamani]
  Towards a GPU code generation of ionic models [Tiago Trevisan Jost]
  Development of a massively parallel remeshing code for exascale geometries [Francesco Brarda and Algiane Froehly]
  Heterogeneity and optimization of ionic models [Denis Barthou and Vincent Alba]

PersonalizeAF workshop on 4 and 5 July 2022

The ITN PersonalizeAF will organize a workshop in July 2022, just before ours, at the same location.

Liryc summer school on cardiac electrophysiology, 27 June - 1 July 2022

The next Liryc summer school on cardiac electrophysiology will be held in the last week of June 2022 at the Liryc institute in Pessac, near Bordeaux. It is expected to be an on-site event.

1st MICROCARD Workshop on 4 February 2022

13:00 Welcome and introduction to MICROCARD [Mark Potse, coordinator]
13:15 keynote: 3D imaging of myocardial architecture using immunolabeling and confocal microscopy [Frank Sachse]
14:05 Deep learning approach for the segmentation of cardiomyocytes [Andrea Dorizza]
14:25 break
14:40 First results on the impact of dynamic power capping on performance and power consumption [Amina Guermouche]
15:00 Choice of a linear solver and preconditioner for µCARP [Hartwig Anzt]
15:20 FEM Discretization and Implementation of the Cell-by-Cell Model [Fatemeh Chegini]
15:40 break
16:00 Lifting the code generation of ionic models to novel compiler technology [Tiago Trevisan Jost]
16:20 Overview of the numerical scheme for µCARP [Yves Coudière]
16:40 discussion

MICROCARD Kick-off meeting on 19 April 2021

13:00 Welcome and presentation of the project [Mark Potse, coordinator]
13:30 Welcome by the director of Liryc [Pierre Jaïs]
13:45 Presentation of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking [Daniel Opalka, project officer]
14:00 break
14:30 presentation of the teams
 Modeling team at Liryc [Mark Potse]
 STORM team at Inria [Denis Barthou]
 MMG consortium [Algiane Froehly]
 CAMUS team at Université de Strasbourg/Inria [Vincent Loechner]
 SIMULA [Xing Cai]
 Università degli studi di Pavia [Luca Pavarino]
 Università della Svizzera italiana [Rolf Krause]
 Biomedical Engineering at KIT [Axel Loewe]
 Steinbuch Centre for Computing at KIT [Hartwig Anzt]
 Zuse Institute Berlin [Martin Weiser]
 MEGWARE [Axel Auweter]
 Numericor [Aurel Neic]
 Orobix [Luca Antiga]
15:30 keynote: Cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia [Olivier Bernus, scientific director of Liryc]
16:15 conclusion [Mark Potse]

LinkedIn: @project MICROCARD

Twitter: @P_Microcard

Latest news

Open positions

We are looking for an engineer and a postdoc to work on meshing tools.

MICROCARD is touring Europe

In June, the MICROCARD project will be presented at the Teratec Forum 2022 on 14 and 15 June in Paris, and at the HiPEAC meeting in Budapest on June 20–22.

We will also present results at the ECCOMAS meeting in Oslo, the ISC High Performance meeting in Hamburg, and the CMBE meeting in Milan.

Leading the way in European supercomputing

MICROCARD is one of nine European supercomputing projects showcased in this brochure issued by CORDIS.

Summer school on cardiac electrophysiology

The Liryc summer school on cardiac electrophysiology is now open for registation. It will take place just before our project workshop in July 2022, at the same location.

more news


Monday 23 May

14:30 WP4+5 meeting

15:00 WP1 meeting

Wednesday 25 May

15:00 WP2+6 meeting

29 May-2 June

ISC High Performance 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

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