Tuesday 2, 14:00 Executive Board meeting
Tuesday 2, 16:00 WP3 meeting
Wednesday 10, 15:00 WP2+6 meeting with discussion on input format
10 to 12 Cardiac Physiome Workshop virtually in Boston, MA, USA. free access
13 to 15 Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association in Boston, MA, USA + online
14 to 19 Supercomputing 2021 (SC21) meeting in St. Louis, MO, USA
Friday 19, 14:00 WP7 meeting
Friday 19 Abstract deadline for the 2022 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society meeting
Monday 22, 15:00 WP1 meeting
Tuesday 23, 14:00 WP4+5 meeting


Tuesday 7, 14:00 Executive Board meeting
Tuesday 7, 16:00 WP3 meeting
Friday 10 Abstract deadline for the Heart Rhythm meeting 2022
Friday 10 Abstract deadline for the ECCOMAS meeting 2022
Monday 13 Abstract deadline for Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine 2022
13-15 JCAD (France)
Tuesday 14 Young Researchers Workshop on Mathematical and Numerical Cardiac Modeling at the University of Pavia.
Wednesday 15, 15:00 WP2+6 meeting
Thursday 16, 15:00 WP4+5 meeting (note different day and different time!)


Tuesday 4 Executive Board meeting
Tuesday 4, 16:00 WP3 meeting
Wednesday 5 Abstract deadline for the EHRA meeting 2022
17-19 HiPEAC meeting in Budapest, Hungary
Friday 21, 14:00 WP7 meeting
Monday 24, 15:00 WP1 meeting (core partners)


23-26 SIAM meeting on parallel processing in Seattle, WA, USA
Friday 24, 14:00 WP7 meeting
Monday 28, 15:00 WP1 meeting (all partners)
Tuesday 29, 14:00 WP4+5 meeting

MARCH 2022

APRIL 2022

3-5 EHRA meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark
6-10 ISCE meeting in Henderson, Nevada, USA
29 April-1 May Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine meeting in Budapest, Hungary
29 April-1 May Heart Rhythm meeting in San Francisco, USA + online

MAY 2022

29 May-2 June ISC High Performance 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

JUNE 2022

5-9 ECCOMAS 2022: 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Oslo, Norway. Includes a minisymposium Unstructured mesh adaptation: from mesh generation to applications co-organized by Algiane Froehly and Nicolas Barral.
27-29 PASC 2022 meeting in Basel
27 June-1 July Liryc summer school on cardiac electrophysiology (Bordeaux)

JULY 2022

Workshop of the ITN PersonalizeAF (Bordeaux)
6-7? project meeting in Bordeaux?
11 to 15 44th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Glasgow, Scotland


31 July-5 August 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics & 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM-APCOM 2022), Yokohama, Japan


4-7 2022 Computing in Cardiology meeting in Tampere, Finland.


November 2022

13-18 Supercomputing 2022 (SC22) meeting in Dallas, TX, USA

Latest news

Tuesday 31 August 2021

MICROCARD is covered in the latest edition of the ETP4HPC handbook of European High-Performance Computing Projects.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Today the German BMBF confirmed that the project will be co-funded from their side. The other five national funding agencies did so before, so now we are sure that the project is completely funded.

more news

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