Map of the European Union showing the locations of
 the partner institutes: Simula in Norway; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Zuse Institute Berlin,
 and MEGWARE in Germany; Université de Bordeaux, Inria, and University of Strasbourg in France;
 Università della Svizzera italiana in Switzerland; Numericor in Austria; Università di Pavia and
 OROBIX in Italy

LinkedIn: @project MICROCARD

Twitter: @P_Microcard

Latest news

13 September: Interview with Fatemeh Chegini

Latest in a series of interviews with young MICROCARD members, our interview with Fatemeh Chegini was posted on LinkedIn today.

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Friday 16 February

14:00 WP7 meeting

Friday 23 February

10:00 WP2+6 meeting

Monday 26 February

15:30 WP1 meeting (all partners)

Tuesday 27 February

15:00 WP4+5 meeting

Wednesday 6 March

11:00 WP3 meeting

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