Tuesday 31 August 2021

The 2021 edition of the ETP4HPC handbook of European High-Performance Computing Projects is published, covering MICROCARD among 68 European HPC projects. If you don't like ads and cookies you can also download it in PDF format here.

Friday 27 August 2021

One new job opening in Lugano and two other positions still open on our jobs page.

Friday 2 July 2021

One new job opening and three other positions still open on our jobs page.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Today the German BMBF confirmed that the project will be co-funded from their side, so now we are sure that the project is completely funded.

12 February 2021

Today the Austrian FFG signed the funding contract for our Austrian partner, Numericor. Thus, five of the six national funding agencies that are involved have confirmed their co-funding for the project. Only the German BMBF is still working on it.

18 December 2020

This week the Grant Agreement for the MICROCARD project was signed by EuroHPC and by the partner institutes. We are now sure that the project will start on 1 April 2021.

24 September 2020

The project made its first public appearance today at the TERATEC Forum.

14 July 2020

The EU confirms that the MICROCARD project passed the evaluation stage. This means that it will be funded, if all of the parties agree with the Grant Agreement that is now to be prepared.

14 January 2020

After 3 months of very intensive work the MICROCARD proposal was submitted to EuroHPC.


Tuesday 7 December

14:00 Executive Board meeting

16:00 WP3 meeting

Friday 10 December

Abstract deadline for the Heart Rhythm meeting 2022

Abstract deadline for the ECCOMAS meeting 2022

Monday 13 December

Abstract deadline for Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine 2022

13 to 15 December

JCAD (France)

Tuesday 14 December

Young Researchers Workshop on Mathematical and Numerical Cardiac Modeling at the University of Pavia.

Wednesday 15 December

15:00 WP2+6 meeting

Thursday 16 December

15:00 WP4+5 meeting

full agenda

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